What is doggy day care?

Doggy day care is a place where dogs are dropped off for the day to play with other dogs.

Can you provide my dog his/her medications? Is there a charge?

We will provide your dog's medications at no extra charge. (prescription must be current)

Can I take a tour?

Absolutely! No appointment is needed to tour our facility.

Can any dog come in for dog day care or boarding?

Every dog must first complete an interview assessment so we can see how they interact with other dogs. They must be over four months old, be spayed or neutered if they are over 6 months old, and be current on their Rabies, Bordetella (canine cough) and Distemper/Parvo vaccinations. They must be in good health, flea/tick free, friendly to all dogs and staff.

Why do you require an interview?

To ensure your dog’s safety and also the safety of other dogs. It is extremely important that your dog can play with all dogs so we can keep the play areas safe and fun.

Do you turn away dogs based on their breed?

We welcome all dogs based on their behavior.

How old do the dogs have to be?

We require that dogs be at least four months old because the dogs will be fully vaccinated by that age.

What vaccinations are required?

ALL dogs must be current on Rabies, Bordetella (canine cough) and Distemper/Parvo.

Do dogs ever get hurt?

We do our best to minimize any injury to your dog. During normal play a dog may get small scratches, nicks, and lose small patches of fur. Although rare, it is possible for more serious injuries to occur.

What do you do in case of illness or injury?

All of our staff are certified in pet first aid and CPR. In case of illness or injury, we quickly assess the situation to determine what plan of action to take. Our concern is always what is best for our canine guest. Depending on the situation, we will either rush to the closest vet or, in non-emergency situations, we will make the effort to take them to their own vet. In either event owners are notified of any and all situations that may arise.

I have an older dog. Will they enjoy it?

This will depend on your dog. We have many older dogs who love the interaction with other dogs. And if they view your dog as overwhelmed or tired they will place your dog in one of our kennels for a nap.

Are there nap times?

Yes, we require a mid-day nap.. sometimes two.

Does someone stay with the dogs overnight?

No, studies show that the dogs sleep better at night without a human present. Our facility has monitored security, fire and temperature control alarms.

Should I bring anything for my dog’s stay? Do I need to bring my own food?

We strongly suggest bringing your own food from home to keep their stomach from getting sick during their stay. If you would rather we feed your dog our food there is no extra charge. If you wish to bring toys, bedding or anything else that will help make your dog feel more at home, you certainly can.

How do I make a reservation?

You can call our facility during business hours or request a reservation online through our website.

Should I feed my dog before going?

It is best to have your dog eat a minimum of 1.5 hours prior to coming to prevent bloat.

Do you offer baths and grooming services?


Do you walk the dogs?

Yes, we give our canine guest a few walks behind our facility.

Will my dog like this environment?

Every dog is different, but our interview process is designed to assess whether your dog enjoys this environment. At the end of the day, we provide a report card and are there to talk to you about how your dog interacted with other dogs and if they enjoyed their time with us.

This is an environment that has both large and small dogs, is it safe for my smaller dogs to be there?

For the safety of the little dogs, we separate dogs into play areas based on size, temperament and activity level.

How would I know if my dog is enjoying daycare/boarding?

We provide report cards and you can also watch the live web cameras to see how much fun they are having. We want your dog to be happy as much as you do and promise to be honest with you if we feel this isn\'t the best possible environment for your dog.

What makes you different than a traditional kennel?

EPK9 Stay and Play provides all day play with other dogs so your dog has lots of fun and gets some exercise during the day. Many “traditional” kennels typically leave the dogs in cages most of the day.

Do you provide outdoor play areas?

Unfortunately we don’t due to city laws. But we are a climate controlled facility.

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